January 5th, 2008

Dallas Skyline

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Somewhere in Arkansas... The train rumbles and rocks through the night. Next stop, Little Rock.

It is hot as hell in my sleeper room. The woman explains that its winter time. It'd be silly to have to AC turned up. I explained that we were in Texas. She wins. I sweat.

Dinner service was nice. Salad, bread, flat iron steak, baked potato, raspberry white chocolate cheesecake - complementary for passengers in sleeper cars and unexpectedly good for travel food.

We boarded the train about 7 hours ago. Only 48 more to Boston.

One hour in STL at 0830. Apparently not at Union Station.

Six hour layover in downtown Chicago tomorrow night. At Union Station. Possibilities abound.


0929 Sunday - Alton, IL

I miss my family.

A decent sleep was nothing more than a tease last night. I kept waking up just in time to catch myself against the wall as the train rolled to one side or the other. Turbulence on the rails.

Breakfast in the dining car - coffee and omelet with a view of the Gateway Arch. It went a long way towards making up for the mostly sleepless night - and the coffee has given me enough energy to nap.
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